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Often, large-scale makeovers are not required. Minor do-it-yourself upgrades are enough to add glamour

For centuries, interior design has long been used to primarily transform otherwise dull looking homes into beautiful and appealing living spaces.

What many homeowners don’t know is that interior design or home makeover is not only used to add a bit of glamour to a home, it can also be used to significantly increase property value. However, when one thinks of property value through design, large-scale makeover projects come to mind. This need not be the case. Even minor do-it-yourself home improvement upgrades can add value to your property. Here are just a few easy-to-do but effective design ideas:

Hardware: Consider upgrading old and worn out hardware in your home and replacing it with modern designs. Things such as door knobs, locks, bathroom and kitchen sinks, light switch covers and fixture, and cabinet handles can have a huge impact in the overall value of your property.

Paint: This is basically a no-brainer. A fresh coat of paint works magic. That pretty much explains why all landlords insist on repainting their houses as soon as a tenant vacates. As a homeowner, applying new paint not only gives your property a fresh look, it also gives an impression of a well-maintained house hence making it more valuable.

Landscaping: Just as interiors renovation and upgrades are important, the exterior part of your property is also equally important. Depending on the size of the exterior, low maintenance but eye-catching landscaping additions work best in attracting prospective buyers.

Upgrades: Kitchens and bathrooms are sections of your house that can be transformed with simple and affordable upgrades. For instance, installing a modern user-friendly and energy-efficient shower and replacing tile grout can work wonders.

Go natural: By allowing more natural light into your house, rooms appear larger – this attracts property buyers. One effective way of allowing more light into rooms is to replace small windows with slightly larger ones. You can also use glass partitions where applicable to allow natural light to flow into other areas. This not only opens up spaces, it also upgrades the property’s appeal.

It is crucial that you also think of the design benefit versus the cost implication.

The writer is a Dubai-based designer, entrepreneur and educator